Special thanks to the following individuals

  • Stephanie Allen (Registration Coordinator, Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Deirdre Bryden (Archivist, Queen’s University Archives)
  • Michele Chittenden (Classics Liaison Librarian, Queen’s University Library)
  • Paul Clifford (Systems Coordinator, Queen’s University Library)
  • Cheryl Copson (Collections Technician, Egypt and West Asia Department, Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Meghan Goodchild (Head, Discovery Technology Services, Queen’s University Library)
  • Courtney Matthews (Head, Open Scholarship Services, Queen’s University Library)
  • Dr. Clemens Reichel (Curator for the Ancient Near East, Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Dr. Chen Shen (Vice President of Art and Culture, Senior Curator Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Margot Tushingham
  • Judy Vanhooser (Queen’s Department of Classics)
  • Bart Wagemakers (The NPAPH Project)
  • Nicola Woods (Rights and Reproductions Coordinator, Royal Ontario Museum)


Thanks also to the following organizations


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