• Laura J. Cameron (Department of Geography and Planning), on Men Are Like Animals, by Donald Macpherson (AKA George Humphrey)

    “The book I’ve chosen is a 1937 gothic, fantasy, psychoanalytic thriller that I picked up in Stauffer Library. It’s entitled Men Are Like Animals. Set in and around Kingston Ontario, the place names are all thinly disguised, so, for instance, Castleton is Kingston…The author of this novel was Donald Macpherson. Now what’s really interesting is that Macpherson is a pen name. The book was really written by George Humphrey, a professor of psychology at Queen’s University…and clearly his own model for the handsome heartthrob psychology professor protagonist…”

  • Matt Shepherd (Faculty of Law):

    “What I like about the library – there isn’t just one favourite book – what I like is the potential of the library to deliver any number of books on any number of subjects, pretty much anything I’m interested in at any given moment.”

  • Kathleen Norman (School of Rehabilitation Therapy)

    “Libraries are about so much more than books. The most intense intellectual fun I’ve had in the Queen’s Library, wasn’t with a book or even with a health sciences periodical. It was with a set of government data and some mapping software about nine years ago”

  • Vishmayaa Jeyamoorthy (Undergraduate Student, Stage and Screen Program)

    “To me it’s just so fascinating that we have all of this information about one moment in history stored in our library and we have access to that. And one of those things that has always been true about me is that I am a huge feminist. I am a big believer in access to education and access to resources and how that can break cycles of oppression … I love the idea that as students we have the opportunity to go and see this stuff, and read about and find it and to be able to work with that knowledge. It’s a privilege that not a lot of people have … I’m so glad I can find it here”

An exploration of the amazing collection at Queen’s, and the faculty, staff and students that love these resources, this series features members of the Queen’s community talking about a piece of writing, critical data, or any other intellectual output available through Queen’s University Library that has influenced or inspired them in some way – in relation to their field, current research projects, or personal interests outside the university.

These podcasts were created as a project of MUSC156 (Introduction to Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing), in collaboration with CFRC Radio and Queen’s University Library.

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