About the Virtual Exhibit

This virtual exhibit preserves and publicizes items from the Young Ladies’ Journal periodical collection housed in W.D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library at Queen’s University, Canada. As the majority of these large, folded prints require delicate handling, the timeline and galleries provide an optimal interactive platform that provides public, unlimited access to the featured supplements while still preserving them in their original state.

The virtual exhibit is powered through WordPress and is based on a custom Themify Elemin theme. It features the Knight Lab plugin for WordPress.

Access to the Complete Collection

The Young Ladies’ Journal collection that inspired the exhibit can be accessed either online through QSpace, or in person at W.D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library. The collection may be accessed  in person by any member of the public following the completion of a Retrieval Request form. The necessary information for filling out the form can be found here. Note that only the fashion plates are available on QSpace – all other periodicals and supplements can only be viewed in person.

About the Digital Humanities Student Assistantship at Queen’s University Libraries

The exhibit is a product of the Digital Humanities Student Assistantship through Queen’s University Libraries. The assistantship combines methodologies of Digital Humanities and library archival to helps students develop an undergraduate research project based on prioritized collection materials. The 2015-2016 project for the Young Ladies’ Journal exhibit also includes an inventory portion and a historical/contextual research component.

A summary of the year-long project process can be read on HASTAC.

The annotated bibliography for the project can be viewed here.

The Creator

Jenna Mlynaryk (@jenna_mly) is a third year undergraduate student in English Language & Literature at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her interests include Digital Humanities, cultural geography, pedagogy in elementary education, and music. She studied at the DH Field School at the BISC.