Painting: The Sabe (Sasquatch)
Honesty: The Sabe
Language: Anishinaabe
Nation: Ojibway
(Room 411)

The Seven Grandfathers tell us that the Creator says

Each of these 7 teachings must be used with the rest; you cannot have wisdom without love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth…to leave one out is to embrace the opposite of what that teaching is.

To walk through life with integrity is to know honesty. The Sabe (Sasquatch) represents the teaching of honesty because he knows who he is in his life, and how to walk in a good way. An honest person is said to “walk tall like the Kitchi-Sabe”; he does not seek the power, speed or beauty of others. Be honest with yourself; recognize and accept who you are.  Accept and use the gifts you have been given by the Creator.  Do not seek to deceive yourself or others.

Artist: Manley Elwood Jones (Kegadonce), age 68

I was born on Neyaahiinigming First Nation. I am Ojibway, and a part of the Otter clan. It is a great privilege to participate and have my artwork displayed at Queen’s University. This opportunity gives me the honour of showing our First Nations culture and heritage through art. I am proud to be a First Nations man and artist.