Painting: a mother and her children
Knowledge: Sitting Still
Language: Cree
Nation: Cree
(Room 316)

The painting is of a mother and her children who live in Northern Canada. The vision for this particular painting is that the mother is sitting with her children passing down knowledge and traditions that have been taught to her by her Elders and her own parents.

Artist: Austin Elijah, age 25

I am from Southwold Ontario, Oneida Nation, and I am a film maker and musician. In the community I make short films about my language and culture. Making those films made me proud of what I was doing for my community, and who I am representing in my heritage to show to future generations. That is what these paintings mean to me; they are something to show to those who come after me. I want to preserve my culture, almost like I am a warrior saving my people. It’s a good feeling; that’s what these paintings are giving me. I am proud and honoured to be asked to use my talents from the Creator in this way. To Queen’s University, I am so thankful.

 Artist #2: Thomas McMahon, age 29

My name is Thomas McMahon, and I am a Métis man from Ontario. I was the second artist working on this painting.