Painting: Headdress
Learning: Headdress
Language: Mohawk
Nation: Mohawk
(Room 301)

The three pillars Tekanawita/the Peace Maker; Skenna/Peace; Kasa:stensera/ Power and Kanikonriioh/ the Good Mind-Spirit are the three concepts that are essential to the whole of learning on Mother Earth. Not just the Mohawk Nation, these three learning gifts are the foundation of the Kai ia nare kowa/ great law of peace, still in practice today where the Iroquois Confederacy reign; the oldest functioning sovereign democracy in the world. We of the Haudenosaunnee Nations wish to invite every nation of the world to follow the roots of peace back to their source in order to preserve the minds of the next 7 generations.

Artist: Cameron ‘Bubzy’ Martin, age 40

Tewasarake Kaniakehaka Wakataioni Nation: Wolf Clan; Iroquois Confederacy Ohswe: Ken

tentsi tewanoweraton ne tekanawita ta non skenna kowa. Ne ne sonkwiatison neyetinistenha.

I am happy to participate in the Queen’s University Art project. It makes me feel good to contribute. Art is its own language, and a bridge between our Nations; a positive first step toward peaceful reconciliation.


Nia weh