Case 8: The Strathy Language Unit and Canadian English: Defining the English Dictinary

English Dictionaries in Global and Historical Context, An International Conference, June 2010

In 2010, the Strathy Language Unit collaborated with the Department of English in convening an international conference on the history of the English dictionary. Linguists and literary scholars from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America traveled to Queen’s to present and discuss their latest research in English lexicography. Paper sessions addressed topics such as “Historical Dictionaries,” “English Language Learners’ Dictionaries,” “Perspectives on Compiling and Publishing Dictionaries,” and “The Future of the Dictionary,” and included talks by John Considine (University of Alberta), Sarah Ogilvie (Cambridge University), and Michael Adams (University of Indiana), among other leading lexicographers.

The three-day conference featured a guided tour of the W.D. Jordan Special Collections Library and its holdings, which include a rare eighteenth-century hornbook used to teach children the alphabet and their prayers.